Black Friday 2021 Deals: Premium Screen Protectors

Are you ready for Black Friday 2021? Here at Screen Patrol, we’re excited because of the exclusive Black Friday deals we’re preparing for you! Expect fantastic discounts on top of the line screen protectors that will enhance your mobile browsing experience and protect your screen at the same time. Looking for thoughtful gifts for Christmas? We got you.

What is Black Friday?

November is famous for Thanksgiving Day which gathers families. However, Black Friday is what sparks up shoppers looking for great deals on their desired items. Celebrated on the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is the biggest retail sales day in the United States and often regarded as the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season. This year, it falls on November 26.

It used to be that most of the Black Friday shopping occurred inside physical stores. Shops would open at dawn to accommodate early bird shoppers. In recent years, much of the shopping has moved online. Here’s a trivia: in 2018, Black Friday online sales reached $6.2 billion. No wonder many retailers now use more of the Internet to reach more customers and increase sales.

Are Black Friday Deals Really Sweet?

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your loved ones, Black Friday deals are definitely sweet because you get great discounts that allow you to shop more or buy nicer items. Another perk is that Black Friday is celebrated very near or practically within the Christmas season. It’s the perfect time to get nice gifts for everyone on your list.

Screen Protectors for iPhone 13 Series + Other Top-Brand Models

Known worldwide for their Macbooks and iPhones, Apple is a definite leader in the mobile gadgets industry. It comes as no surprise that people are looking for Black Friday deals from the famous brand. Did you know that Apple has their own version of Black Friday deals? They give their customers an Apple Store gift card when they shop for eligible products.

The iPhone 13 series is Apple’s latest innovation when it comes to phones. It’s a great choice if you need a fast and highly capable smartphone. The iPhone 13 in particular has impressive features like a more advanced processor, an upgraded camera, and longer battery life compared to previous iPhones.

For Black Friday 2021, Screen Patrol will have special deals on screen protectors for the iPhone 13 series, other iPhone models, iPads, and other top of the line mobile devices from brands like Samsung and LG. Save the date!

Take a Peek at Our Products

Anti-Blue Light Screen Protectors

Prevent digital eye-strain and damage with our premium anti-blue light screen protectors.



anti blue light screen protector for iphone 13 pro max installation



  •       Filters Out Blue Light – Improves sleep and mood.
  •       Brilliant Clarity - Maintains color accuracy of your screen.
  •     9H Hardness – Protects your phone from scratches.

See more in our anti-blue light collection.

 Antimicrobial Screen Protectors

Make sure your smartphone’s screen is always safe to touch. Our antimicrobial screen protectors suppress the growth of common bacteria strains.


samsung s20fe/ s20fe 5g antimicrobial screen protector



  •       Kills 99.9% of Common Microbes – Germ-fighting technology ensures  your phone screen is always clean.
  •       Super Sensitive Response to Touch - Barely-there thickness of 0.33 mm.
  •       Crystal Clear Visibility – View the true colors of your screen.

See more in our anti-microbial collection.

iPhone Privacy Screen Protectors

Prevent unwanted prying eyes from looking through your private conversations. Our privacy screen protectors for iPhones offer complete privacy protection when viewed from the sides.


iphone 12 mini 2 in 1 privacy screen protector


  •       Two-Way Filter - Complete protection when viewed from the sides.
  •       Maintains Original Native Touch Experience - Barely-there thickness of 0.33mm.
  •       Anti-Fingerprint Top Layer – Consistently clear screen viewing.

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You Deserve It 

Get your desired screen protectors at significantly less price with our Black Friday 2021 deals. Visit our collections today!