Antimicrobial Screen Protector

Did you know that your screen can hold up to 17,000 bacteria? A study from the University of Arizona even went as far as saying that your smartphone is 10 times dirtier than most toilet seats. This is where antimicrobial screen protectors come in. Read on to find out more.

Safe to Touch

Installing Screen Patrol’s antimicrobial screen protector ensures that your smartphone’s screen (which is what you use most anyway) is safe to touch. It uses an integrated antimicrobial technology that works by suppressing the growth of several common strains of bacteria, including some odor-causing bacteria.

Our antimicrobial technology is backed up by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) which has tested and proven the effectiveness of the technology. Killing 99.9% of common threats like E.coli and Staph, you're sure to be protected especially in these trying times.

Guaranteed Durability and Top-Notch Interaction

Having antimicrobial capabilities doesn’t give reason for a lower durability rate. You’re getting a screen protector and that is the basic expectation that we fulfill as a company. But we guarantee more with this antimicrobial screen protector.

The top layer of the glass has an anti-fingerprint screen to keep those oily smudges from coming up. Real protection means being scratch-resistant and being tough even with a significant impact and you can expect that from your Antimicrobial Screen Protector. At just 0.33mm thickness and a 9h hardness scale, you’ll have both durability and flawless screen interaction.

A 2-in-1 Deal, Always

You’ll never know when you actually need a spare like when you drop your phone and it smashes the protector (while protecting your screen).But with Screen Patrol, you’ll have a spare right away. Also, we know it’s a challenge putting on a piece of glass and just maybe the first one doesn’t get put on right, well, with the second one you’ll know the best way to because practice makes perfect.