Our Promise


Screen Patrol started in 2020 with a bunch of veteran design engineers who wanted to create better screen protection. With the evolution of screen protection and the necessary and diverse roles that it holds, the brand decided to focus itself on smarter innovation and design development. 

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada the company set its sights on a new era of premium screen protectors for the modern world.

What We Stand For

As Screen Patrol, we are set on design quality and innovation.
This just means that: We aim to enhance your mobile browsing experience while protecting your screen along the way.
All this - because we want to live in a world where our products help protect people and their investments through our commitment and service efforts.


The mobile tech industry is a largely cheap and disposable one. With tons of waste being produced each year due to irresponsible manufacturing and packaging, The Screen Protector is paving the way to protect our planet by changing the way we do things.

We use sustainable materials in our products, and we make sure our packaging is 100% recyclable. We are at the forefront when it comes to protecting our planet as well as your personal data.

By utilizing the latest technologies and improving on them, our Privacy Glass is ahead of the rest when it comes to protecting your privacy. Our Anti Blue Light Screens block out these harmful excessive HEV (high-energy visible) lights for a more comfortable screen viewing experience. Our Antimicrobial Screens sanitizes your phone by getting rid of these germs that tend to stay on these surfaces and thereby protecting you and your health.