iPad 10.2 Blue Light Screen Protector
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Blue Light Screen Protector Collection

Screen Patrol Screen Protectors

The display on your phone is too sensitive and can be easily damaged. With the Screen Patrol screen protector’s film, you won't have any problems with scratches or smudges! The screen protector’s film will give that pristine look and feel without any worries about damaging its delicate screen. And since the screen protector is so light, there will be no worries about your phone feeling heavier or being unable to maneuver through the buttons. The screen protector film is designed to ensure your touch input appears clearly. It's made of high-quality material that doesn't interfere with the way you use your device.


Protect Your Phone and Your Eyes

With our modern and busy lives, we are looking at screens almost all day. This can become quite straining on your eyes because of the blue light being emitted from your device’s screen. Blue light is a special high energy light with a short wavelength that can cause harm to your eyes when exposed to it for a long period of time. Our Anti-Blue Light Screen Protectors help block out these harmful rays coming from your screens so that you can continue on with your busy day while protecting both your screen and your eyes. You won't have to worry about compromising on quality because our blue light blocking screen protectors are thin, durable, and maintain amazing color accuracy and screen functions.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Samsung phones, Samsung Tab, Huawei, LG, and Blackberry.