Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector

Your smartphone’s beautiful, bright, and blue-lit screen is necessary for everyday life but exposing your eyes to too much of it isn’t healthy. What better way to do that than to make sure something is preventing blue light from ever reaching your eyes that’s where the best anti blue light screen protector comes in.

Your First Line Of Eye-defense

The Screen Patrol Anti Blue Light Screen Protector can prevent ocular damage, visual fatigue, and blurred vision. It effectively blocks out blue light which our eyes are not able to, which may cause a multitude of eye problems. Macular degeneration, myopia, visual fatigue, melanin, dry eye, and even insomnia can all happen if screens are left uncovered.

A Screen Protector Through and Through

Our Anti Blue Light Screen Protector is a protector first and foremost. It is 0.33mm thick with a 9h hardness to ensure your screen is safe. Shock-resistant with anti-glare properties, you won’t be seeing those bothersome fingerprints on your screen protector, too.

Screen performance is flawless with 0% latency. It is sensitive to touch and guaranteed to maintain its sensitivity even with regular use.

A 2-in-1 Deal, Always

Why does Screen Patrol have this 2-in-1 deal in place? Well, it’s not to say we aren’t confident. It’s just because we’re prudent.

You’ll never know when you actually need a spare like when you drop your phone and it smashes the protector (while protecting your screen). But with us, you’ll have a spare right away. Also, we know it’s a challenge putting on a piece of glass and just maybe the first one doesn’t get put on right, well, with the second one you’ll know the best way to because practice makes perfect.