Screen Patrol Deals on Black Friday

Are you and your wallet ready for great deals this coming Black Friday? We know you’re planning to buy a lot of gadgets, including the new iPhone 13 series or the Samsung S21 phones. But, even with the discounts you’re going to get, they’re still going to cost quite a lot. That’s why you need to protect them from even the tiniest of imperfections they’re bound to get from everyday use. So if you’ve already set your sights on your new device, we have the best iPhone screen protector and Android screen protector for you. 

Screen Protection You Can Count On

With so many brands of screen protectors out there, not to mention the types of screen protectors, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your iPhone 13. However, when it comes to essential screen protection, nothing beats our OG tempered glass screen protector.

2 in 1 Glass screen protector for iphone 13

These iPhone 13 screen protectors are made tough and boast 9H hardness for superior scratch protection. They also provide impact protection in the event that your phone drops face flat on the floor. For something that’s only 0.33mm thick, they’re pretty strong. These screen protectors are designed to cover the whole screen of your iPhone 13. This, combined with its ultra-thin profile, makes for a pleasant tactile experience. They also provide superb touch sensitivity and keep themselves clear with an anti-fingerprint coating.   

Protection For Your Phone And Eyes

The primary consideration when buying the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the screen size. That’s because this is more of a factor if you enjoy watching videos on your phone. However, spending too much time on your phone, or any other screen for that matter, exposes you to unhealthy levels of blue light. This can disrupt your circadian rhythm - your body’s natural clock. The lack of sleep brought about by this may cause certain health risks. Overexposure to blue light also causes digital eye strain, leaving your eyes tired and irritated, and is linked to eye damage in the long run.

iphone 13 pro max anti blue light screen protector

We know you love to binge-watch your favorite series on the weekends. So, the best you can do is to protect your eyes from long hours of screen exposure. Installing our iPhone 13 Pro Max Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to do this. They block those harmful rays without compromising your viewing pleasure. Unlike other blue light blockers, ours lets you retain the color accuracy of your phone’s screen. In addition, it’s based on our solid tempered glass screen protectors, so you can say goodbye to cracks and scratches. So, protect your eyes and your phone’s screen with these tough and clear anti-blue light screen protectors today.

Keeping Your iPhone Clean And Clear

Let’s face it, we all suffer from PSA or phone separation anxiety to some extent. So we simply can’t live without our mobile devices that we don’t really notice how often we touch them in a day. In fact, we even take them to settings where we would need to wash our hands before doing anything else. Now, the fact that the iPhone 13 mini is a compact version of its siblings means that people who buy it chose it because they can bring it almost anywhere. These factors combined make your iPhone 13 mini a prime breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

antimicrobial screen protector for iphone 13 mini

Using solvents and other cleaning agents to sanitize your phone is one way to disinfect your phone, but what if you don’t have any lying around? The solution: our Antimicrobial iPhone 13 mini Screen Protector. One way that your iPhone can pick up harmful germs is if it falls on the bathroom floor. Our Antimicrobial screen protector keeps your phone’s screen safe from impact and kills 99.9% of common bacteria. Perfect for those who take their phone everywhere and want extra protection for their iPhone’s screen.

Protecting Your Samsung S21

If you’re using the best Android phone, then you gotta protect that technologically advanced screen. Samsung is known for making great displays as present in the S21 phones, and we’ve got the best protection for it, whatever model you choose.


2 in 1 screenflex screen protector for samsung s21 ultra


Samsung is known for creating curved screens. Now, this is more for aesthetic purposes rather than functionality like the Edge series phones. However, the screen on your S21 Ultra still has curved edges. For total coverage and protection of this advanced screen, you’ll need a flexible screen that can take the abuse of daily use. Our Screenflex Screen Protector for S21 Ultra offers 9H hardness for protection. And because it’s made to fit your phone, it’s case-friendly. 

For the other 2 models, you get the same screen, although with flat edges. Our Samsung S21 and S21 Plus Full Adhesive Screen Protectors offer superb scratch protection, just like the previous screen protector. And because they’re full adhesive, you get excellent touch sensitivity, so you can enjoy that smooth 120Hz refresh rate screen.

If you want to keep your phone’s screen pristine, then grab these awesome deals on our iPhone 13 screen protectors and Android screen protectors. Also, check out our website for other special offers for your device.