Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 12 mini

There wasn’t any plan to get a new iPhone this year. You still had your trusty iPhone 6s and it was still going strong. But then, you didn’t listen to your friend who told you to install a tempered glass screen protector earlier this year and that had been a mistake. 

Your old iPhone cracked its screen so bad it was beyond repair and you had to get a new one. It was a difficult decision but you got to land an iPhone 12 mini in that hard to get mint green color. Now everyone keeps telling you to case it or else suffer the consequence again.

Worry not, we’ve got the best tempered glass screen protector for your iPhone 12 mini.

Protection For Your iPhone Mini

Introducing, ScreenPatrol’s tempered glass screen protector. It’s edge to edge design gives users maximum screen coverage. No uncovered parts that will still pick up those tiny scratches from car keys or coins. You’ll also be assured that scratches from coins, car keys and the like will be tolerated well. It is scratch resistant after all.

Crystal Clarity

The material used for this tempered glass is HD crystals that will prevent fingerprints from ruining the viewing experience. With it’s 9H hardness, you're guaranteed a transparent and thin, almost barely there screen protection. Barely there because - well - it is barely there and you can enjoy the screen with all its bright Apple glory.

Self-Installation Made Easy

Oh, by the way, you can install this best tempered glass screen protector all by yourself - bubble free. Instructions and materials to aid in installing it are provided for in the box. And if, by a small chance you messed up on the installation or you're not happy with what you’ve done then you have another tempered glass screen protector inside. There’s a second screen protector inside, just in case.

It’s also good to know that the Screenpatrol brand is an advocate of sustainable manufacturing. Packaging is done with minimal waste and transportation movement that can cause pollution. Materials like Soy Ink and completely recyclable paper are used for product packaging.