Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 12

You’ve been holding off getting a new iPhone until you found the perfect design that would speak to you. And after the iPhone 12 came out you finally decided that it’s time. You retired your trusted old iPhone SE and let it rest and say hello to your new iPhone 12. 

You realize that design-wise it’s beautiful and has so much more screen retail size than your 4 inch iPhone SE. And you realized as well that it was necessary for you to get the best tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 12.

And you’ve come to the right place to make that decision.

Protection For Your New Best Mate

iphone tempered glass

Introducing, ScreenPatrol’s tempered glass screen protector. It’s edge to edge design gives users maximum screen coverage. There are no uncovered parts that will expose your iPhone 12 screen or cause for any irritating viewing experience. The material used for this tempered glass is HD crystals and it’s coated to prevent fingerprints from stacking up on your beautiful screen.

Crystal Clarity Without The Bulk

iphone tempered glass

You’ll also be assured that scratches from coins, car keys and the like will be tolerated well. It is scratch resistant after all. With it’s 9H hardness, you're guaranteed a transparent and thin, almost barely there screen protection. At 0.33mm it is barely there and you can enjoy the screen with all its bright Apple glory.

Self-Installation Made Easy

iphone tempered glass

Oh, by the way, you can install this best tempered glass screen protector all by yourself. It’s simple and easy with all the materials you need to install it - bubble free. And if, by a small chance you bungled up your installation or you're not happy with what you’ve done then you have another tempered glass screen protector inside. That’s a second chance that’s pretty hard to get nowadays. 

It’s also good to know that the Screenpatrol brand is an advocate of sustainable manufacturing. Packaging is done with minimal waste and transportation movement that can cause pollution. Materials like Soy Ink and completely recyclable paper are used for product packaging.