Having a smartphone has gone past what "phone" has meant a decade ago. When you say iPhone way back in 2010 it was a communication device first and foremost. It was meant to get us closer together, made us easier to reach and faster to inform. With developments in technology, the smartphones of the past are but the shadow of the iPhones of today.

The Cutting Edge

Nowadays, the smartphone can do everything a computer can do. Heck, it can even do what your TV can do. Apple has made improvements in spades with their iPhone displays. Just recently, they have also launched their biggest phone screen that provides a truly amazing immersive experience. And with the iPhone 12 Pro Max in your hand, you know it will be that kind of affair.

What’s The Best Part Of Your Phone?

Your phone’s screen is a precious gem. It’s the business end of your device that you interact with all throughout the day. Any scratch or ding, let alone a smear on your display can diminish your viewing pleasure. That’s why you need to protect your iPhone 12 Pro Max’s screen with a screen protector. 

Is It Really Necessary?

Now I know some of you may be thinking: do I really need a piece of plastic, or worse, glass to protect my glass screen? All you’re doing is ruining a perfectly great screen. Well, you have to remember Murphy’s Law. Would you rather protect your phone screen now and save yourself some grief or let it be and regret it later? Your phone’s screen is just not as tough as other things that it may come in contact with. That’s what causes imperfections like tiny scratches and what not. 

Yes! And More

tempered glass

Getting a tempered glass screen protector for your iPhone 12 Pro Max will not only protect your screen, it can improve your viewing experience as well. Modern tempered glass screen protectors come with different layers that provide more than just scratch protection for your phone. They can have microlouver technology for your privacy, anti blue light filter to protect your eyes, or an antimicrobial coating for the germaphobe in you. So you see, there are so many more benefits to installing a tempered glass screen protector.