Flexi-Glass Screen Protectors - A Middle Ground

Looking for the best screen protector for your phone can be daunting. Just running a search will yield many options and conflicting arguments as to what best suits your mobile device. To summarize, your choice boils down to plastic or tempered glass. Below we’ll look at some of the pros and cons for both options. 

Flexible For Impact


Plastic screen protectors came about because early touch screen mobile devices used pressure to interact with the display. Screen protectors during this time had to be thin and flexible in order to be a viable solution for your phones’ display. Plastic screen protectors are still used today primarily due to them usually being the lowest cost option. There are of course some trade offs with these varieties of screen protectors. They are more prone to scratching than glass variations however if the scratch isn’t too deep, modern ones can “self heal.” They are also pretty resistant to drops and can absorb shocks well. But due to their inherent properties, they are not as clear as glass, are prone to yellowing, and can leave more visible fingerprints. 

Tempered Strength For Scratches


If you have a modern smartphone then more likely than not, the screen on said device is probably a kind of tempered glass. Among other things, one of the primary differences is that the Gorilla glass on your screens display is geared towards impact protection while the tempered glass in screen protectors are calibrated for scratch protection. The process by which glass is tempered results in giving up the flexibility and shock protection of plastic screen protectors. In fact, tempered glass screen protectors are the exact opposite of their plastic counterparts. They’re pricier, provide better protection from scratches, and in our opinion they look and feel better. 

Best Of Both Worlds


Our new Screen Flex Screen Protector incorporates the best features of both plastic and tempered glass screen protectors into one great package. It’s flexible enough to protect from drops while offering amazing scratch resistance. It has an anti-fingerprint coating and is crystal clear, giving you an unadulterated view of your high fidelity display. This Medium article discusses in greater detail the advantages of flexible glass screen protectors.