Screen Patrol Screen Protectors

Smartphone makers have been constantly trying to outdo each other in a very visually stimulated society. Bigger screens that put out a maximum of 400 to 600 nits of brightness is pretty substantial if you think about it. We appreciate that and consider shelling out a lot of money just to get the best and brightest screens.

But protection is vital, not only in keeping your phone screen scratch-free caused by daily usage but also in making sure that your screen delivers what it promises.

Pure Unadulterated Viewing Pleasure

The Screen Patrol Screen Protector is made of HD crystal clear screen that protects but does not compromise viewing experience. It provides edge to edge coverage and helps maintain the transparency of the glass. You’ll never have any problems with touch sensitivity as it provides super sensitive touch response with a barely-there thickness of 0.33 mm.

It’s covered with an anti-fingerprint, oleophobic surface that will keep your screen from nasty fingerprints. You’ll just have that beautiful screen to enjoy.

Guaranteed Durability and Easy Installation

Using an HD crystal clear screen protecto doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing durability. On the contrary, you can expect the same protection of 9H hardness on your Screen Patrol Screen Protector. It is scratch-resistant and tough under any impact.

Installation also promises to be a breeze. Just use the provided complete kit and you’ll be covering your own screen with your eyes closed. If something goes wrong or you’re not happy with the first installation then Screen Patrol packages another screen protector as a spare.

A 2-in-1 Deal, Always

You’ll never know when you actually need a spare like when you drop your phone and it smashes the protector (while protecting your screen). But with Screen Patrol, you’ll have a spare right away. Also, we know it’s a challenge putting on a piece of glass and just maybe the first one doesn’t get put on right, well, with the second one you’ll know the best way to because practice makes perfect.