iPhone Privacy Screen Protector

In the world of social media, privacy is something that comes at a big price. How can you prevent these unwanted and prying eyes from looking through your private conversations? Your privacy is important and we have just the solution. It’s an iPhone privacy glass screen protector made just for you.

Keeping It Between Just You and Me

Screen Patrol’s iPhone privacy glass screen protector is a great way of keeping personal things - private. Its two-way filter offers privacy protection when viewed from the sides. Your nosy sister won’t be seeing the information you’ve been sworn secrecy to and you - won’t get in trouble.

Guaranteed Protection and Top-notch Quality

Your iPhone privacy glass screen protector doesn’t have to mean compromising other screen protector capabilities. The top layer of the glass has an anti-fingerprint screen to keep those oily smudges from coming up. Real protection means being scratch-resistant and being tough even with a significant impact.

Privacy doesn’t mean zilch when you can’t even use the touch screen properly. It also won’t make any difference if the protector is so thick your finger can’t use the screen’s capacitive function. At just 0.33mm thickness and a 9h hardness scale, you’ll have both durability and flawless screen interaction even while using a privacy glass screen protector.

A 2-in-1 Deal, Always

Why does Screen Patrol have this 2-in-1 deal in place? Well, it’s not to say we aren’t confident. It’s just because we’re prudent.

You’ll never know when you actually need a spare like when you drop your phone and it smashes the protector (while protecting your screen). But with us, you’ll have a spare right away. Also, we know it’s a challenge putting on a piece of glass and just maybe the first one doesn’t get put on right, well, with the second one you’ll know the best way to because practice makes perfect.