Why Do You Need Screen Protector For Your Iphone 13?

Stop the presses! The one event that many Apple fans and lovers have been waiting for is finally here! The iPhone 13 launch has finally taken off and with it some other side mentionable like the new Mini, Apple watch and Apple TV and the series lineup is amazing!

You’ve got amazing upgrades both internal and external and you know that design is an Apple  classic through and through. But let’s get real here for a minute. You know you’ll need that screen protector for iPhone 13 even though you know it’s built tough. 

Why? Just because you don’t want the stress and the hassle of picking up your brand spanking new and then seeing it drop. That’s why.

What’s The Fuss About The Iphone 13 Series?

screen protector

Well, for starters, the iPhone 13 series is coming out with new developments. The chipset is different and more improved. You get an A15 Bionic chip with a six-core CPU and a quad core GPU. Now, on paper that looks fascinating but compared to the iPhone 12 - that’s pretty much a step up.

Camera wise and photo capabilities have yet to be tested but software and hardware upgrades have Apple boasting a new Cinematic mode. Not sure how that will fare - until it’s actually tested. So watch out for those review videos to come out in a few weeks.

Can I Afford the iPhone 13 series?

Now, this depends on your budget. Apple mentions a lot of upgrades and a price similar to the previous iteration. So - bottomline is, you may be getting a cheaper iPhone. But still, getting these brand new hunks of aluminum wonders isn’t going to be cheap. 

With the iPhone 13 mini at $699, iPhone 13 at $799, the top tier flagships at $999 for the iPhone Pro and $1099 for the iPhone Pro Max - it’s still going to leave a large hole in your wallet. So, that must mean a suitable screen protector for iPhone 13 is vital. Just so you don’t waste that big wad of cash you gave away. 

Not Just Getting A Screen Protector for iPhone 13 

With the iPhone 13 series launch just recently finished and all those speculations put to rest, many people are setting their sights on getting their iPhone 13 choice. Needless to say, you’re going to get iPhone 13 phone cases that are reliable and eco-friendly because that’s keeping it real and earth conscious.