The Best Screen Protector For Samsung S21 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra really stands out among its siblings. In terms of hardware, it’s got a lot of upgrades over the other 2 phones. Its camera setup, available RAM, and battery size are all a cut above the others. 

It’s in the display department that the S21 Ultra really outshines the others. It has a WQHD+ display with a 120 hertz screen refresh rate even at QHD mode. It also has the highest pixel density at 515ppi and the only one that’s curved. 

With a screen this good, you better get the ultimate protection for it. Let’s take a look at the best screen protector for the Samsung S21 Ultra. 

Ultra Thin For Your Ultra Phone

The S21 Ultra is thick, at 8.9mm, so adding a bulky screen protector to it is not really gonna fly. The Screen Flex Screen Protector from Screen Patrol is a curved flexible glass screen protector designed specifically for your S21 Ultra. 


The Screen Flex is just 0.01mm thick which makes it ultra thin. Now, don’t let its thickness, or lack thereof, fool you. It's super strong and up to the task of protecting your screen despite this. What’s great about this is that it’s barely there and is compatible with any phone case you plan on getting. 

Ultra Coverage For Ultra Protection

The Screen Flex Screen Protector provides ultra coverage for your S21 Ultra because of its curved design. It covers the screen of your phone from end-to-end and all corners. Unlike other curved screen protectors that only have adhesives on the edges, a full glue curved screen protector will not fall off when you install a tight fitting case. 

You can be sure that your screen is protected from drops and scratches with the 6H hardness rating of the Screen Flex. In addition to scratch and shock resistance, it also has an oleophobic coating to get rid of those annoying smudges. Now you can enjoy the perfect view of your amazing screen without worry. 


Ultra Smooth For Seamless Use

Being ultra thin, the Screen Flex retains your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s screen touch sensitivity.  The fact that it has full glue also helps retain touch sensitivity because the middle surface of the screen protector doesn’t lift up. This also means that you can use that new S Pen seamlessly and it won’t interfere with the new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. 


At The Screen Patrol, we make sure that our screen protectors are easy to install. For the Screen Flex for your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, we made it easier for you to put it on yourself by providing an alignment tray. And in case you don’t get it right the first time, we’ve included a second screen protector. Not that you’ll be needing it, we just want you to have peace of mind. 

Ultra Clear Advantage

All these features give the Screen Flex a clear advantage over other options on the market. These combine to give your S21 Ultra the ultimate protection, crystal clarity, and operability.

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