The Best Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy S21

If you just look at the raw specs of the Samsung Galaxy S21’s screen, you would think that this was a downgrade from the previous model. Instead of having a QHD+ screen, you’re stuck with FHD+ all with the same 120Hz refresh rate. 

However, a closer look at the details show that this is not necessarily the case. The S21’s screen now has an adaptive refresh rate - a feature first introduced in the Galaxy Note 20. What this does is it adjusts the screen’s refresh rate depending on the on-screen activity in order to conserve battery. 

If you weren’t considering slapping on a screen protector on your brand new S21’s screen before, you might want to do so now, seeing as it’s still an amazing piece of technology. 

Take a look at the best screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy S21.

We’ve Got You Covered

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The Screen Patrol has designed the Screen Flex screen protector for the Galaxy S21. It’s a flexible glass screen protector that’s slim yet tough. Now I know some of you don’t like the idea of putting on a glass to protect your phone’s glass. Well, with the Screen Flex, you’re not necessarily going to. You see, it’s kinda like glass but not. Because it’s flexible and precisely cut, it guarantees total coverage of your S21’s screen. 

Slim And Smooth

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With its 0.01mm thickness, you’ll barely notice it’s there. This makes it case friendly so you can put on any case you fancy. Speaking of cases, check out these awesome Galaxy S21 cases. Having a profile this small also lends it some more advantages. The slim profile means that you retain your screen’s touch sensitivity. It also won’t interfere with the new ultrasonic fingerprint reader. All these features make for smooth and seamless operation of your device. 

Superior Protection That Sticks

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Despite being so slim, it provides superior protection for you Samsung Galaxy S21. The Screen Flex has a 9H hardness rating, making it extremely resistant to scratches while providing impact protection as well. It’s a full glue screen protector, meaning it has adhesive on every square inch of its surface unlike other screen protectors. The Screen Flex won’t fall off when you put a case on your phone. It also helps retain touch sensitivity as the middle part of the screen won’t lift. 

Easy On The Eyes, Easy To Install

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The Screen Flex is super clear and retains the color accuracy of your S21’s screen. It also has an oleophobic coating to keep fingerprints and smudges away, making viewing your screen easy on the eyes. The package comes with 2 screen protectors so you can keep one as a spare. It’s easy to install the Screen Flex because of the included alignment tool. 

The Best Protection For Your Screen

The Screen Flex offers the best protection for your Samsung Galaxy S21’s screen. It has the ultimate scratch protection of 9H glass and the flexibility and impact protection similar to TPU. Having it on won’t interfere with the operation of your screen and lets you switch cases without falling off. Now that’s protection you can count on.

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