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Exceptional Screen Protection for Samsung Galaxy S22

The all-new Samsung Galaxy S22 series deserve top quality screen protectors. What better place look for than Screen Patrol that provides premium, engineered screen protectors for the latest smartphones of the modern world.

With Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, each model is at a certain price point that matches its specifications. Naturally, you would want an extra layer of protection for your investment. Thankfully, Screen Patrol is fully committed to letting you enjoy your latest smart phone without need to worry.

As the technology for smart devices evolve, so is Screen Patrol’s design for better screen protection. Our design and development offer more than what typical screen protectors in the market can do. At face value, with the common screen protector you would expect to gain more confidence in using your phone daily. With Screen Patrol, it more than enhancing your mobile browsing experience. It is also about protecting your health from the underlying effects because of longer screen time. Furthermore, it is also about protecting the environment, by only using fully recyclable and eco-friendly materials for our products and even our print and packaging.
So, why buy cheap and disposable screen protectors? Go with Screen Patrol instead! Our products are also the perfect complement for your Caseco Inc phone Cases.
Let’s know more about our well-loved and highly rated Screen Patrol collections.

Screen Patrol Collections

  1. Anti-Blue Light Screen ProtectorSamsung Galaxy S22- Anti Blue Light - Screen Protector | Screen Patrol

Aside from adjusting the settings of your smart phone, help prevent eye fatigue with Screen Patrol’s Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector. But first, what is blue light? For most android or smart phones, it is a built- in feature that pertains to the coloring temperature of your device’s screen. It is described as “the short-wavelength, high-energy blue light” which comes from digital device and scatters easily that other visible light. Although it is not harmful to the retina, this unfocused visual noise can induce eye strain or eye discomfort and if ignored or overlooked, may cause dry eyes and irritation, painful throbbing headaches, or even blurred vision. Prevent the negative effects of long exposure to blue light with our Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector. With this as your extra layer and filter, you can also help improve your mood and sleep.


  1. Antimicrobial Screen ProtectorSamsung Galaxy S22- Anti Microbial Screen Protector | Screen Patrol

With threats from Covid-19 and other bacteria such as E. coli and Staph, we are now more conscious and in need of a shield that prevents our smart devices from both harmful microorganisms and the damage from daily bumps and scratches. Get Screen Patrol’s Antimicrobial Screen Protector. It is both practical and germ resistant. Through our germ-fighting technology, this screen protector kills 99.9% of common microbes that your phone can pick up from your hands or from different surfaces where you put it down. Enjoy using your Samsung Galaxy with Screen Patrol’s inventive and sensible screen protection.    


  1. Screen Flex Screen ProtectorSamsung Galaxy S22 - Screen Flex Screen Protector | Screen Patrol

At Screen Patrol, screen protectors are not only tough, they are also flexible! Yes, you read it right. Through the collaboration of our design and engineering team, we have come up with the use of flexible tempered glass. This state-of-the-art flexi glass is shatterproof. Although it is extremely hard, it has bendable surface that provides maximum protection and resistance from impacts and scratches. Move with unbreakable protection with Screen Patrol’s Screen Flex Screen Protector. Bring your smart phone anywhere or attach it to a universal mount from Might Mount. Even if you move it around, your screen is scratch resistant and tough and flexible enough. It won’t tear from daily use.


  1. Privacy Screen ProtectorSamsung Galaxy S22 - Privacy Screen Protector | Screen Patrol

More than the tough and scratch-resistant tempered glass, Screen Patrol’s Privacy Screen Protector has anti-spy coating. It has a special “privacy” filter that only allows light to pass through from certain angles, thus only you who is using your phone at a narrow front angle can view your screen. This means that anyone from the sidelines can only see a black or darkened screen. This highly protects your private and sensitive information from wandering eyes. With our Privacy Screen Protector, your screen will practically appear invisible at a glance. Be assured that whether it is visual hackers or anyone snooping over, they will not be able to see a thing!


  1. Regular Screen ProtectorSamsung Galaxy S22 - Regular Screen Protector | Screen Patrol

If you need basic but reliable protection, choose Screen Patrol’s Regular Screen Patrol Screen Protector. Its simple but smart design from veteran design engineers ensures better protection compared to other generic and obscure brands. Like Screen Patrol’s other variation of screen protectors, this line is made with eco-friendly, 100% recyclable materials that are durable and scratch proof. It boasts 9H hardness that means it is resistant from damage from even the hardest pencil. Covered with Oleophobic coating, it is oil repellent making it smudge resistant and anti-fingerprint too. All these considered, with its 0.33mm thickness, it is barely there and is touch responsive.


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Shop at Screen Patrol for easy, bubble-free first-time installation. Experience no hassle and the best protection for your new Samsung Galaxy S22 phone. What’s great about our store is we offer 2 screen protectors for the price of one! Whether you share it with your friend, or keep it as a spare, or install a piece for your extra phone, we got you covered!

Moreover, we offer fast and reliable shipping, 30-day money back guarantee, and 24/7 customer service. So, what are you waiting for, shop with Screen Patrol today!