Get The Best Screen Protector For Your iPhone 13 Pro

Your iPhone 13 Pro may have a great screen, but it still deserves to be protected by iPhone 13 Pro Screen Protectors. Yes, Apple got it right when they designed the new 120Hz variable refresh rate screen on the iPhone 13 Pro. You get that buttery smooth transition when scrolling or gaming and it saves battery life when you’re reading an article or whatnot. It’s even got their so-called advanced protection, Ceramic Shield, that Apple claims is the most durable glass screen on the market.

However, glass is still glass. And we all know what happens to glass when you drop it. In fact, the guys at All State Protection recently drop-tested the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro and the Pro version’s screen broke on the first try even with a case on. It’s painful to watch, but you have definite proof that you need extra protection for your iPhone 13 Pro’s screen. 

iPhone 13 Pro Screen Protection For All Your Needs

Here at Screen Patrol, you can get iPhone 13 Pro screen protectors that not only shield your phone’s display from scratches or shattering but also have extra features that suit your priorities. Whether it be hygiene, health, or privacy, we’ve got you and your phone’s screen covered. 

Before we go to the other extra features that you can get with our screen protectors, let’s go over the standard features that make this product great on its own. Because first and foremost, these accessories have to do as their name suggests.

The Best Basic Screen Protection

All our screen protectors are made from ultra-thin and durable tempered glass. Why ultra-thin? Well, who wants to ruin their mobile phone experience by slapping a chunky slab of glass on their device? Keeping it slim means you retain as much of the original experience of using your bare phone. It also won’t get in the way of the day-to-day operation and you’ll still maintain that familiar touch sensitivity of your phone’s screen. If we’re talking about durability, our screen protectors have 9H hardness - the industry-leading standard - for screen protection. Add to that our oleophobic coating, and you have the best iPhone 13 tempered glass screen protector in the market. 

iphone 13 pro glass screen protector isometric view


Health And Hygiene, Check

You may not notice, but you interact with your phone’s screen about 262 times a day. That’s equivalent to about once every 5.5 minutes. Because of this, we leave or even come in contact with a whole lot of microbes through our phones. Our Antimicrobial iPhone Screen Protectors use EPA tested silver ion technology that stops 99.9% of common bacteria in their tracks. This germ-fighting technology works 24/7 and lasts the lifetime of the product because we won’t compromise your health. 

antimicrobial iphone 13 pro screen protector with logo

Speaking of health, using your phone for prolonged periods of time can lead to overexposure to Blue Light. In case you didn’t know, all artificial light sources, like your LED TV or phone screen, emit this light which is very similar to UV rays - yep, the same one that causes sunburn. Its high energy value causes eye strain and insomnia and even has the potential to cause permanent eye damage. So take care of your eyes and health with our iPhone 13 Pro Anti Blue Light Screen Protector. The additional layer of blue light filter effectively blocks blue light from reaching your eyes, making phone usage safe even for long hours. 


anti blue light screen protector for iphone 13 pro


Keeping It Private

Then, there’s our Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 13 Pro. Nowadays, we spend so much time on our phones and use them for most aspects of our life. This means accessing and entering sensitive personal data. Yes, our phones do come with safety features but our screens aren’t safe from prying eyes. Our Privacy Screen uses a 2-way filter that limits the viewing angle so that only you have access to the information on your screen. 

privacy screen protector for iphone 13 pro

Even with these extra features, our screen protectors retain color accuracy for a pleasant viewing experience. Each purchase not only comes with 2 screen protectors, but it also lets you help us support partner charities that care for the planet. Order our iPhone 13 Pro Screen Protectors now and we’ll ship them the same day in our plastic-free packaging, so you can be sure that your iPhone’s screen and you are protected.