Does Your Smartphone Need a Screen Protector?

We, as Screen Patrol, aim to improve your mobile browsing affair while sustaining your screen. Its goal is to protect you and your ventures.  It can be by protecting your appliances from any accident or by defending you from any underlying impacts of long-term screen timing. We contribute an amount of our interest to charities that aid in keeping our planet healthful. 

What is a Screen Protector?

Screen Protectors are the thin sheet that securely sits on the screen of your phone which protects your phone's actual screen from cracks and spots. If you use our iPhone 13 screen protector to safeguard your favorite phone and if it incidentally falls on any hard ground like pavement etc.,  the iPhone 13 screen protector will protect it from any heavy damage.  Thus it is very significant to use a screen protector as it is an incredible way to save your device's actual screen. It will work as a guard against crucial spots and incidental dings. The screen protector protects the real screen and takes all physical harm and scratches on itself. 

In Screen Patrol, all our products are made with sustainable elements and we always assure that the packaging is recyclable. We utilize the latest technology and improve on those, our privacy glass leads the rest when it's about protecting privacy.  We always lead the path when it is basically about securing your private data as well as our planet. We are always at risk for exposure to various hidden viruses, so safety should always be our priority. You can get your phone sanitized with our antimicrobial screens which will help in alleviating the germs that tend to be present on such surfaces that will help you stay protected. You can get the best iPhone 13 screen protector from us. 

The screen protectors of screen patrol are made of crystal clear HD screen that protects your phone from scratches without compromising the viewing quality.  It provides exquisite sensitive touch response with a thickness of almost 0.1mm to  0.33 mm so you will have no problem with the sensitivity of touch. It had an oil-repellent coat to keep your screen away from terrible fingerprints.  We guarantee the simple installation of the screen and its durability. Our screen protectors are strong and snatch protected under various effects.  

Types of Screen Protectors

Screen Patrol has a collection of screen protectors which include an Anti-blue Light screen protector, Antimicrobial screen protector, Screen patrol screen protector, Screen flex screen protector, Privacy screen protector. Here the Anti-blue light screen protector efficiently obstructs the blue light which our eyes cannot. This can prevent optical fatigue, ocular defect, and smeared vision. The antimicrobial screen protector assures that the phone is safe for touching as it suppresses the bacterial growth of some common bacteria. Screen patrol screen protector has end-to-end coverage and also helps in maintaining the clearness of the glass.  Screen flex screen protector is adjustable that is identical to plastic ones. The privacy screen protector has a two-way filter that offers privacy protection when sighted from sides. 

All these types of screen protectors are available for various phone models. 

Anti-blue light screen protector

  •  In Anti-blue light screen protectors, you will get various phone models for which this is available as the iPhone 13 mini screen protector. This anti-blue light screen protector enables preventing digital damage and eye strain. This screen protector screens out blue light to enhance your mood and sleep.  It as well as has a 9H hardness fit protecting the screen. It also has an oil-repellent coat to avoid stains. It helps in maintaining the color accurateness of the screen and is also touch responsive. You will get screen protectors for various phone models other than just the iPhone 13 mini screen protector. You will get other screen protectors iPhone models like iPhone 13 screen protectors, iPhone 13 pro-Max screen protectors, and more. You can select the best iPhone 13 screen protector here. 


Anti Microbial Screen Protectors

  • The antimicrobial screen protector has germ-fighting technologies to destroy microbes. It is fingerprint and scratch-resistant with clear sight. You can get iPhone 13 pro-Max screen protectors with antimicrobial ability from us. We also have antimicrobial bumper protectors for other models like iPhone 13 screen protectors, and many more. 

  • The Screen patrol screen protector provides a border to border coverage. It features an ultra-thin and transparent screen of 9H hardness. Delivers super sensitive reaction to touch with a bare thickness of 0.33 mm. If you have iPhone 13 pro max then it's the best time that you give your phone the utmost protection with our best screen protector for iPhone 13 pro max. 

  • The screen flex screen protector from Screen Patrol is not entirely glass. It is an adjustable screen protector using a kind of glass that can be bent. 
Privacy Screen Protectors
  • The privacy screen protector is great at keeping things private with the two-way filters that the Privacy screen protector offers. If you are the one who does not like it when someone watches your phone while you are typing or anything. Then this screen protector is the one which is perfect for you. You can use iPhone 13 pro max privacy screen protector to deter those prying eyes from watching your conversations. 

Problems encountered if you don't have Screen Protectors in your Phone

A screen protector gives an additional pane of protection that can prevent cuts and keep the dirt away from your smartphone. Buying an iPhone 13 screen protector is one of the best choices you can ever make. This iPhone 13 screen protector gives your iPhone the maximum protection that it needs.  From us, you will get iPhone 13 mini screen protector, iPhone 13 pro-Max screen protectors, and others. . If you do not use screen protectors and if it falls on any rough surface the actual phone screen will get damaged and you have to spend bucks for replacing that. Smartphone screen protectors also play a big role in the protection of any phone. Although all smartphones have harder glass still you should use a guard to protect your phone's screen from any physical destruction.  Here are some points that will give you a clear idea about why it is important to use screen protectors.:

  • If you do not use screen protectors you will have to wash your hands frequently to get rid of slimy finger marks. But if you use clear screen guards you will not have to face any sort of issues regarding finger marks. The oil-repellent coat of the screen protectors prevents finger stains.  
  • The flash which is radiated from the phone screen creates a disturbance for you. This can easily be settled with an anti-glare or matte screen protector as it helps in boosting the overall vision thus providing more relief and comfort for using the mobile phone for a longer duration. If you spend more time outside the house in places of bright light the matte or anti-glare screen guard is the best. 
  • We might accidentally drop our phone and it can get damaged. This shows that a screen protector is very essential as it provides the necessary protection against scratches. The screen guards are made with many layers which are of advanced polymers which provide the best security to your phone.

When any phone without a screen guard falls on the floor and the screen gets scraped. Then the entire damage is held on the actual phone screen. This is when the screen guard comes to recovery. The screen guard gets scratched and absorbs the energy itself and keeps your phone safe from any damage.  If your phone screen breaks it also adversely affects the touch acuity of the screen. The screen guard boosts the resistance of the glass screen by absorbing the energy from bumps and drops. These using screen guards are the best way to minimize the scratch and cracking of the actual phone screen.

Recommend or give solutions and benefits of Screen

Having a screen protector does not prevent the damage completely. We recommend you buy a screen guard from us. With the development of screen protections and their diverse roles, we focus on smarter design and techniques.  You can choose iPhone 13 mini screen protector with an anti-blue light feature, iPhone 13 pro-Max screen protectors with antimicrobial features, and more. There are several benefits of screen protectors like screen guards with anti-reflective features which can assist in reducing the exposure to UVB rays by screening reflected light. This property reduces the eye strain while watching the phone. 

Smartphones are no doubt expensive. So you must be worried about whether you should get a screen protector. It is always advisable to use a screen protector to avoid high damage to the phone. If you use a screen guard you can not guarantee full protection, all it does is add a layer of protection. 

Screen Patrol offers a variety of screen protectors. You will get screen guards for various phone models which you can select. 

With us, you will get the screen protectors in pairs to secure that you are getting the best price and significance.  The bubble-free establishment is easy and ensures the protection of your iPhone 13 pro-Max screen protectors. We actively stimulate sustainable and reliable packaging by making all things recyclable. Shop from us and help us in supporting incredible movements which care about normal wealth. We want to be a trusted brand for screen protectors worldwide. Screen Patrol's screen protectors are presently available for iPhone 13 pro, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 pro max, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 pro max, and more.