Best Screen Protector for Samsung S21 Plus

samsung 21 plusPhoto by Anh Nhat on Unsplash

The Samsung S21 Plus is the mid tier release of the Samsung’s line up in 2021. It follows the same set up last year when Samsung released 3 flagship phones offering the base, mid tier and premium tier to consumers. Although, with last year’s models, the main difference was the camera setup, Samsung went beyond that and made each flagship model unique. This has been a good strategy allowing people with different needs to gravitate towards the model that would best suit them.

Real care for the Samsung S21 Plus isn’t leaving the screen unprotected believing that the Gorilla Glass will be undamaged. The best screen protection for Samsung S21 Plus should come in a light, but well thought of design with ultimate ease and protection in mind. But since we’re focusing on the Samsung S21 Plus, let’s find out a little more about it.

Samsung S21 Plus: The Mid Tier Flagship

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus was launched on January 14 together with its siblings the Samsung S21 and Samsung S21 Ultra during the company’s virtual Unpacked event. The release date will be on January 29, 2021 for most regions including the US, UK and Australia. Many were not surprised by the reveals made during the event as leaks had given away some essential tidbits. However, it was still a slight disappointment when Samsung confirmed the loss of the micro SD card slot for the Samsung S21 series. Criticism also hit an all time high when during the Unpacked event, we found out that the packaging of the S21 series had thinned out extensively. 

It isn’t to say that Samsung had gone all Apple and charged the same price even with less in the packaging. The Samsung S21 series brought in updates, refinements and new features albeit not as dramatic as one can expect until you check the prices. Based on last year’s flagship prices, the Samsung S21 series starts at a $200 lower base price. The Galaxy S21 starts at $800, the Galaxy S21 Plus at $1,000 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra at $1,200. But all things considered, even with that lower price, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, together with its siblings, is not an inexpensive phone. And with that price point, you have to be realistic and set some contingency plans.

Protection At Its Best For The Samsung S21 Plus


Now, Samsung reportedly was able to lower the prices of the Samsung S21 series partly because the components used for the phones were cheaper. It’s also the decision of the company to lower the specs of the base and the mid tier Samsung S21 from the higher-resolution QHD panel to a Full HD+ display that helped in the cost cut. But it is still a pricey phone to own and protection is important to keep that beautiful screen from any damage. 

The Screen Flex Screen Protector from Screenpatrol offers a flexible tempered glass screen protector that will cover the whole screen of your Samsung S21 Plus. This 9H screen protector is case friendly so you can grab a case to increase the level of protection. The flexible glass is scratch resistant and is tough under any impact without sacrificing touch sensitivity and smoothness. With its oleophobic coating, you won’t see those bothersome fingerprints even when you’re using the on-screen fingerprint reader. 

Unlike the Samsung S21 Plus or any of the series, the ScreenFlex won’t scrimp on packaging. You’ll get 2 flexible tempered glass inside with the tools to make it easy to clean and have that bubble free installation. 

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